Dr. Mildred Fennal, PhD, RN

The International Nursing Education Consortium (INEC) was founded by Dr. Mildred D. Fennal in June of 2008. Dr. Fennal is a recently retired Associate Professor of Nursing. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the State University of New York, a Masters of Science in Critical Care Nursing from the Medical University of South Carolina, and a PhD in Nursing Science from the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Fennal has thirty eight years of nursing experience. She has held positions from staff nurse to Assistant Manager of Nursing Service in the clinical arena. In academia she started as a Nursing Instructor and reached the level of Associate Professor.

Dr. Fennal’s specialty is critical care nursing. She received national recognition in 2007 for thirty years of continuous certification in critical care nursing.

A strong advocate of clinical nursing, Dr. Fennal is also known and respected for her knowledge and teaching ability. Most specifically for the promotion of professionalism in nursing.

Dr. Fennal is a visionary, who was and is perhaps ahead of her time. She is a risk taker and has always been one who reaches for the highest point in any endeavor.

Being a nurse to the core whether in the clinical setting or in the classroom, she does not accept less than excellence when it concerns nursing.

It is evident that Dr. Fennal failed retirement. The concept of the International Nursing Education Consortium was constructed very shortly after her retirement. According to Dr. Fennal, the program is her retirement project. She should be commended for creating such a program as a retirement project.


The Institute for African American Health, Dr. Joseph L. Webster MD, President

The Institute addresses the basic health issues affecting the African American Community, as well as all other Americans. The Institute will partner with the INEC to assist with the volunteer component of the Consortium. The vision of the Institute is envisioned as an organization that works to bring together existing individuals, groups, and organizations in a way that would result in a more directed, effective, and efficient approach to providing healthcare to the minority community. Dr. Webster and his group are interested in volunteer service in any country but particularly Haiti.


The Fundation Sociedad en Desarrollo Provincia Santo Domingo, Inc., El Lic. Jose Rafael Mejia, President

El Lic. Jose Rafael Mejia, President (center). The Foundation serves as a center to address multiple societal concerns in the Dominican Repuglic. Health care being only one initiative. As a partner to the INEC the Foundationi serves in the capacity of providing clinical practice sites for the. To date the Foundation has provided nineteen sites that includes hospitals, clinics and community areas.


Dr.Raymond Giles, Jr.(Retired) Smith College, Department of Afro American Studies, Chairman; International Education Resource Center, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Founder

Dr. Giles has continued his relentless efforts to enhance study abroad for students at all levels, especially students of color. He serves as the Advisor and on the Advisory Board of many groups and organizations just starting programs of study abroad. At present he is contemplating the establishment of a central location to manage study abroad for multiple institutions of higher learning. Dr. Giles has served as the Advisor for the International Nursing Education Consortium (INEC) since it was founded. As CEO of the IERC, he was also the first educator to assist the Founder of the INEC to take undergraduate nursing students on a culturally diverse study abroad experience, for credit within the nursing curriculum. The project internationalized an undergraduate nursing curriculum on a historically black university campus.