Plan now to participate in the study abroad venture in 2016. Nursing students and faculty become immersed in the culture by living with Dominican families, performing clinical practice in different health care venues and visiting multiple cultural and/or interesting sites. The experience also includes an international workshop where professional nurses and students share information on nursing, study abroad and multiculturalism.

Study Abroad

Dr. Mildred Fennal is no stranger to study abroad for nurses. Dr. Fennal made history by internationalizing the nursing curriculum at South Carolina State University, and taking undergraduate nursing students abroad.

Who We Are

The International Nursing Education Consortium is a new innovative program involving nurses at all levels. The program provides methodology for education, practice and research as a study abroad experience.

Visit the Dominican

A visit to the Dominican Republic to establish relationships, obtain clinical space, and meet with government and non-government agencies was completed in 2008. During the visit a partnership was established ....